How do I know if my SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder is out of CO2?

Not sure if your cylinder is out of CO2? Check out the steps below:


  1. Make sure the cylinder is properly inserted in the cylinder holder, with the cylinder handle lowered.
    *** Please note - the cylinder handle might be either Black or Pink ***
  2. Press the carbonating button and check if you see CO2 entering the bottle.
  3. Press the button a few times and check for bubbles.
  4. Listen for a sputtering sound when you press the button.
  5. Out of CO2? Don’t worry! Click here to find your nearest retailer, or here for online CO2 order. 

Sparkle Tip:

SodaStream recommends keeping a back-up carbonating cylinder handy so you can keep enjoying fresh, fizzy drinks without interruption while you exchange the empty carbonator.

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