How do I place an order for more cylinders on the Sparkle Saver's Plan or Just Add Water Plan?

To order more gas through the plan you need to first log into your account and then follow these instructions:

  • Click on "Plans" on the left-hand side, it will then show you all of your plans
  • You should be able to see an "Order Exchange" button under your plan number as pictured below
  • It will pop up with a box and you need to select which type of gas you need - Classic Screw in cylinders or Pink Quick Connect Cylinders
  • You will be prompted to validate your address, if it is correct - click on the blue box and place your order

When your new set of gas is delivered, there will be a prepaid returns label to return 4 empty cylinders inside the box. Please make sure you return the cylinders within 30 days, failure to return them could result in you being charged £10 per cylinder until they are returned. Please write your customer number inside the "REF" box on the Returns label before shipping so our warehouse can identify who has returned the cylinders and can update your account.

Your customer number can be found in your account under your name on the left hand side