What happens after I have used 12 CO2 cylinders on the Sparkle Saver's Plan or Just Add Water Plan?

When you have used all 3 shipments of 4 cylinders (total of 12 CO2 cylinders) in less than a year and you require more CO2, please go to our website to purchase a new plan and switch of the auto renewal on the plan. Be sure to return all of the cylinders to us. Alternatively, you can wait until the plan renews one year after the original purchase.

If you chose not to purchase another plan and do not want to continue with the plan, please return your all of the cylinders to us. Make sure to switch off the auto renew of your plan.

Sparkle Note

If we do not receive your empty CO2 cylinders within 30 days* of your most recent order or at the end of the plan, you could be charged £10 per cylinder that is not returned, which is refunded upon receipt of your empty cylinders.