Why is my SodaStream Crystal™ Sparkling Water Maker not carbonating properly?

Try the steps below to get back to bubbling:

Step 1 - Did you insert the carbonating bottle properly?

  1. Open the carbonating head by turning the lever to the right. The carbonating head will rise automatically.
  2. Tilt the glass carafe flask forward, insert the glass carafe, and return the glass carafe flask to the upright position.
  3. Push the carbonating head down, ensuring the carbonating tube goes inside the glass carafe. While holding the carbonating head down, turn the flask lever to the left to the locked position.


Step 2 - Did you fizz the water in the right way?

  1. Carbonate by pushing down firmly on the carbonating button for ~2 seconds, releasing, and repeating -- 3 times for light fizz, 5 times for strong fizz, and more for extra strong fizz.
  2. When you've reached the right carbonation level, gently unlock the carbonating head by turning the lever to the right. Remember to always fizz water before adding any flavor.


Step 3 - Are you out of CO2?

To check if you’re out of CO2*, first make sure the SodaStream Screw-In Cylinder is properly screwed in the cylinder holder with the cylinder handle lowered. Once you’ve checked this, push the carbonating lever a few times to see if CO2 is entering the bottle and check for bubbles.

If you're out of CO2 find a store near you to exchange your cylinder, or exchange online.

* In 2020, we upgraded the SodaStream Crystal™ Sparkling Water Maker with a new, silent valve. In these Sparkling Water Makers, it is normal to not hear a sputtering sound and is not an indication of the amount of CO2 left in the cylinder.

For more assistance, please contact us via email or phone at 0800-085-8373.