How does SodaStream work?

SodaStream鈥檚 sparkling water makers allow you to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water at the touch of a button.

It鈥檚 easy to get started. You just need a Sparkling Water Maker, a CO2 cylinder, and a carbonating bottle. Add flavours to elevate your sparkle.

Sparkling Water Maker

We offer different ways to sparkle. Compare our lineup and find the one for you. The Spirit鈩 is our classic model that doesn't require electricity to operate; the Spirit One Touch鈩 is our electric model; and the Crystal鈩 is our premium model, featuring a glass carafe that鈥檚 perfect for hosting friends and family.

Gas Cylinder

Your SodaStream cylinder is the heart of your sparkling water maker. It perfectly fits your Sparkling Water Maker and contains colorless, odorless, incombustible gas. Your cylinder lasts 4-8 weeks, depending on usage.

Carbonating Bottle

The bottle will be used to carbonate your still water and store your sparkling water. Our carbonating bottles come in BPA-free plastic or glass. All of our plastic bottles are 100% BPA- and BPS-free and are available in the 1L or 0.5L size. The glass carafe is available in 0.7L. Keep in mind that not all bottles fit all machines so make sure you鈥檙e using a bottle compatible with your Sparkling Water Maker.


Make every sip exciting with our flavour collection. You can create healthy infusions, delicious soft drinks, and delectable cocktails 鈥 so many possibilities!


Now you鈥檙e ready to create some bubbles! Click here to shop SodaStream.

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