What are the benefits of SodaStream CO2 cylinders?

There’s many reasons to purchase SodaStream cylinders:


SodaStream has years of experience in perfecting the manufacturing of home carbonation systems and cylinders, making us the world leader in home carbonation systems. SodaStream cylinders can be found in over 45 countries, over 100,000 stores, and in millions of households. We were the first ever to introduce the aluminum CO2 cylinder for Sparkling Water Makers and are now the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum cylinders (for cylinders up to 2 kg), with millions of CO2 cylinders manufactured and in circulation.


SodaStream makes safety a priority. Not only has SodaStream secured recognition from the world’s leading regulatory and safety authorities, but as a self-certified manufacturer, SodaStream sets the standards at a much higher level, far exceeding the legal requirements set by the respective regulators. SodaStream-manufactured cylinders benefit from in-house filling, refilling, testing, and maintenance, all done in SodaStream’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Each SodaStream-manufactured cylinder and valve are inspected individually, and both the cylinder and valve are traceable back to the batch of raw materials from which it was produced. SodaStream-produced valves are designed to prevent leakage and help ensure safety in the case of unexpected increase in internal pressure.



SodaStream offers triple quality control – clean, fill, and seal. All cylinders filled by SodaStream undergo a triple quality control system where they are cleaned with a special cleaning process, filled with the highest purity beverage quality CO2 and sealed with SodaStream tamper proof covers. We have refilling facilities all over the world tailored to the specialized inspection, maintenance, and refilling of SodaStream cylinders where every cylinder is individually inspected for damage or tampering before being refilled and tested.