Where can I find my customer number?

Your unique customer number can be found in your account. If using a laptop or PC it will be located on the main page on the right hand side underneath your name. If using a mobile device, it will be located at the top of the login page.

Don’t have a Sodastream account yet? Sign up or reset your password.

If the box has been lost from the original refill order, a new label can be requested through the Yodel Returns site and any box can be used to send back the empties.

A new label can also be requested through InPost, no printer is required, and any box can be used to send back the empties.  

Once the information has been entered in the InPost link, you will be sent a unique QR code. Take the parcel to the nearest locker and scan the QR code at the locker.

Just make sure to always write the customer number on the Yodel Returns label in "Ref Box" or as the reference on the InPost return every time you return empty cylinders to us.