How do I use my SodaStream Power™ Sparkling Water Maker?

Want to learn more about how to get started using your SodaStream Power™ Sparkling Water Maker? Follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by filling your carbonating bottle with cold water to the fill line. Do not add anything to the bottle other than water before the carbonation.
  2. Pull the bottle holder towards you until you hear a click.
  3. Insert the bottle into the Snap-Lock by pushing it up and back. When inserted correctly, the Snap-Lock will catch the bottle and hold it in a vertical position - suspended above the bottom.
  4. If the Sparkling Water Maker is not used for 60 seconds, the lights turn off. The lights will turn on when a Sparkling Water bottle is installed and secured correctly.
  5. Press one of the three buttons to obtain the desired amount of bubbles. When adding carbonation to a 1 L bottle, press the left button (one drop) for light fizz, the middle button (two drops) for medium fizz and the right button (three drops) for heavy fizz. When using the 0.5 L bottle, the bottle's functions are the left button for light carbonation and the middle button for heavy carbonation. The right button should not be used.

    Sparkle Note: You may occasionally see ice during the carbonation, especially when using very cold water. However, the ice will soon melt.

  6. When a carbonation button is pressed, the corresponding LED light will flash to indicate that carbonation has begun. When the LED stops flashing, the carbonation is complete.
  7. If the bottle will not release from the Snap-Lock, gently pull the bottle support toward you to release it from the mechanism.
  8. If you want more carbonation in your water, you can add carbonation twice more without removing the bottle. Once the bottle is removed, the buttons will be disabled. They will be reactivated when the bottle is removed and reinserted.
  9. Add flavour! Enjoy your sparkling water, or add your favourite SodaStream sparkling water flavour to enjoy a fizzy drink with lots of flavour.

Click here to view the user manual for the SodaStream Power™ Sparkling Water Maker.

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