What is the difference between the Sparkle Saver's Plan and the Just Add Water Plan?

Sparkle Saver's Plan Just Add Water Plan
12 cylinders to use within one year 12 cylinders to use over a 12-month period
Gas is discounted from £12.99 to £9.99. No upfront deposits to pay. Gas is £12.99. No upfront deposits to pay.
Total cost of the plan is £119.88. Can be paid in one installment or 3 installments of £39.96 per month for 3 consecutive months. The total cost of the plan is £155.88 
Includes a savings of £36.  Includes a Jet Megapack. The Jet Megapack can be upgraded to a Crystal for an extra £50 or Power for an extra £60.
When your Just Add Water Plan is due for renewal, we will change your plan to the Sparkle Saver's Plan, so you can continue to get your annual's supply of gas at a discounted price. These are some great savings!
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