How to use my SodaStream DUO™ Sparkling Water Maker?

Check out the video and the user manual below: 


  1. Begin by filling your carbonating glass bottle or plastic bottle with cold water up to the fill line. Do not add anything besides water before carbonating.
  2. Open the carbonating head by turning the lever to the right. The carbonating head will rise automatically.
  3. Tilt the carbonating bottle flask forward to insert the bottle and return the flask to the upright position.
  4. Push the carbonating head down, ensuring the carbonating tube goes inside the glass bottle. While holding the carbonating head down, turn the flask lever to the left to the locked position. When in the locked position, the flask lever will align with the small dot located beneath the SodaStream logo.
  5. Carbonate by pushing down firmly on the carbonating button for around 2 seconds, releasing, and repeating -- 3 times for light fizz, 5 times for strong fizz, and more for extra strong fizz.
  6. When you've reached the right carbonation level, gently unlock the carbonating head by turning the lever to the right.
  7. Enjoy your bubbles!

Check out the user manual for the SodaStream DUO™ Sparkling Water Maker.

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