How to replace the Quick Connect Cylinder in my DUO?

Your Sparkling Water Maker comes with a Quick Connect Cylinder that can make up to 60L of sparkling water. Once empty, the Quick Connect Cylinder can be exchanged for a full Quick Connect Cylinder for the price of the CO2 only.

Sparkle Note

The DUO Sparkling Water Maker is compatible only with the Quick Connect Cylinder


  1. Before inserting your Quick Connect Cylinder into the Sparkling Water Maker, place it on a flat sturdy surface in an upright position.
  2. Remove the seal and cap from the Quick Connect Cylinder.
  3. Place the DUO Sparkling Water Maker on a flat sturdy surface in an upright position.
  4. If a carbonating bottle is inside, turn the flask lever to the right to open the flask and remove the bottle. Never insert or replace the cylinder while a carbonating bottle is in the flask of your Sparkling Water Maker.
  5. Pull the back cover away from the machine to remove it. Make sure to pull from the small grip on the top center of the back cover. If you're having trouble removing the back cover, hold the upper sides of the back cover, pull the sides out, and then while still holding the sides, pull the cover back.
  6. Raise the cylinder handle.
  7. Remove the cylinder in the DUO by lifting it up and then pulling out.
  8. Insert the new cylinder into the cylinder holder by positioning the bottom of the cylinder into the Sparkling Water Maker and then gently placing the rest of the cylinder into the cylinder holder.
  9. Lower the cylinder handle. Our quick-connect mechanism will automatically lock the cylinder in place.
  10. Replace the back cover, making sure to insert the tabs at the bottom of the back cover into the slots on the base of the Sparkling Water Maker while tilting the back cover at an angle away from your DUO Sparkling Water Maker.
  11. Enjoy your bubbles!

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