Why is my bottle not connecting to my ART?

Bubble blast! Let’s get this figured out.


Please note that you can only use the SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder with the ART Sparkling Water Maker. The blue screw-system cylinders are not compatible with the ART.



To insert your bottle, first tilt the bottle rest out towards you until a click sound is heard. Do not pull the carbonating tube. Insert the Carbonating Bottle neck into the Snap-Lock and push it up and back. The Snap-Lock will hold the bottle in a vertical position suspended above the base. The bottle is inserted correctly when there is a gap between the bottle and the base.

  • If the bottle won't connect to the Snap-Lock, tilt the bottle rest towards you until it reaches its fully forward position. Then insert the bottle neck into the Snap-Lock by firmly pushing the bottle up and back until it locks.
  • If the bottle won't release from the Snap-Lock, gently pull the bottle rest towards you until it reaches its fully forward tilt position. If the carbonating bottle does not immediately release from the Snap-Lock, wait a few moments and it may release.
  • If the bottle disconnects during carbonation, you may have a broken Snap-Lock. Check if the Carbonation Tube or Bottle Rest are crooked.

If you have a broken Snap-Lock, or for further assistance, please contact us via email or phone at 0800-085-8373.