What do I do if I hear the sound of leaking gas from my DUO?

Bubble blast! Follow the guide below for help.



-If you hear the sound of leaking gas after carbonation is finished, leave the Sparkling Water Maker in an upright position. When the Sparkling Water Maker is no longer releasing gas, remove the carbonating bottle. If you continue to hear the sound of leaking gas, contact us  via email or phone at 0800-085-8373.

-If you hear the sound of leaking gas after you insert a new cylinder or during carbonation, follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure the Quick Connect Cylinder is properly inserted in the cylinder holder. Pull the back cover away from the machine to remove it. Make sure to pull from the small grip on the top center of the back cover. If you're having trouble removing the back cover, hold the upper sides of the back cover, pull the sides out, and then while still holding the sides, pull the cover back.
  2. Set the back cover aside and check to make sure the cylinder is inserted in the machine with the pink cylinder handle lowered.
  3. Replace the back cover, making sure to insert the tabs at the bottom of the back cover into the slots on the base of the Sparkling Water Maker while tilting the back cover at an angle away from your DUO Sparkling Water Maker.

Still having trouble? Contact us via email or phone at 0800-085-8373.